A little history and a questionnaire for you today.

Historically, Clubs occurred in all ancient states of which we have knowledge. Once people started living together in groups, there was a need for people to associate.  Organisations have existed for centuries, as evidenced by Ancient Greek clubs and associations in Ancient Rome.

The oldest clubs were merely informal periodic gatherings of like people for the purpose of dining or drinking with one another. They were established in Taverns, Inns and coffee houses.

In England in the time of Henry IV such a club was called ‘The Court of Good Company”.  Personally, I like that title

Are you a member of a Club? If not, why not?

Are you aware Breakfast Point is surrounded by Clubs?

Be it socialising, sporting, reading, bridge playing, debating, sailing, walking, singing, …… You name it; you will find it.

Ladies at the Country Club (Medium)

In fact almost every worthwhile activity that human beings enjoy can be found in and at one of your local clubs.

Just within the confines of the Breakfast Point estate is a Club within a Club. Namely The Country Club.  A joyful meeting place for dining, wining and associating with others.

There, too, is the Probus Club. A perfect example of people with common interests brought together by association and mutual benefit. Also the Breakfast Point Rotary Club, notable for members’ charitable assistance to the community.

Golf Clubs of fine reputation lie on our borders and with Spring on our doorstep and Summer hovering, the sports of sailing, swimming and exercising is virtually around the corner, at your Club.

country club sunrise swimmer high res

Be adventurous, join a Club.



Clubbing in prehistoric times puts a whole new meaning on it!!

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