Only a few blogs ago I observed daylight saving as finished.

I can now pronounce, with great enthusiasm…..Daylight saving is back!


Well, that’s how I feel about it. I don’t give a hoot if it fades the curtains, makes the cows moo more and the children wake early! The days are longer and the colours of spring envelope us. The air is fresh to breathe and the scent of green grass, trees and the earth itself, delicious.  Even our river is worthy of a deep sniff in passing.


The dull greys and blacks of winter are packed away on top shelves or into charity bins. We can now indulge and refresh ourselves with the pastels, corals, turquoises and citrus rainbows in every shop window that lures us inside.  Pale blue, baby blue, powder blue; all in mode, are part of my many favourites.

This season stirs our passions; refreshes our outlooks and heartens our intentions.

It is a casting off of the cloak of winter and a donning of the enticement of spring.




I checked on duck-egg blue. There’s No such thing.

robin eggs 5 compressed

Experts are argumentative.  They say Duck eggs are  bluish green, but only from Mallard ducks.   Silver Apelyards tend to lay blue grey eggs.  Some ducks in Cuba lay black eggs.

All this information being vital to our everyday attitude to life.


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