We know that internet consumption is changing at home.

In 2010, 51% of internet traffic was video, by 2017 this figure will rise to 91%.

In 2017 a typical household will have 25 Internet connected devices. In 2022, this will rise to 50

Over 66% of internet usage occurs in the home with this rate only rising!

The roll out for the upgrade throughout Breakfast Point of Telstra’s HFC Cable (Fibre Coaxial Cable) is well under way. The combination of fibre optic and coaxial cables into a unified format with the ability to deliver a broadband and Foxtel subscription to the home over a single fully maintained network. This enables to access fast and reliable broadband.


Current Breakfast Point NBN roll out


Right now, the download line speeds are up to 100 Mbps2 into the home for sharing among multiple devices (e.g. laptops and tablets). This means that downloading videos and being connected to several mobile devices, while streaming internet radio on a tablet, can all be done at high speeds.

Telstra does not require exclusivity to install its HFC network and the HFC cable network does not interfere with other broadband infrastructure. Further, Telstra has now agreed to transfer relevant HFC assets progressively to NBN Co as the NBN is rolled out. So, ultimately the consumer will have a choice of broadband provider.

Reid federal Liberal MP Craig Laundy has been working with Breakfast Point residents and Telstra to deliver the new connection, more than 12 months before NBN construction ­begins.


Residents are rejoicing since Breakfast Point has received better internet coverage. Picture: Craig Wilson


“This is a great example of the private sector and communities collaborating to provide a solution,” Mr Laundy said.

“We had a very productive community forum in Newington with owners and strata managers to discuss the possibility in that community,” he said.

“The feedback has been extremely positive.”

With the release in October of a comprehensive three-year construction plan across all states to network 9.5 million premises over the next three years, the NBN is powering ahead and many in Reid are already connected.

Other areas still have some time to wait before NBN begins construction in their area.

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