On Thursday 2 December I, together with the team at Breakfast Point Realty, attended the 8th Annual Property Person of the Year fundraising luncheon. The Property Person of the Year Award is an annual award recognising an impressive community leader who has played a major part in helping build Australia and this years recipient was Mr Bob Rose AM.

The Award was presented by the Urban Taskforce at a fundraising luncheon at the Ivy Ballroom to benefit two charities: Warrah Disability Services and St. Vincent’s Prostate Cancer Centre. Over the past six years this event has raised over $1.5m for charity.  It was a successful luncheon well attended by the property industry.

The highlight of the luncheon was the candid and insightful Q & A between Ross Greenwood and Bob Rose. It was also great to thank the man of the hour for his amazing vision for the creation of the Breakfast Point community.

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  • Anne

    Mmmm. Certainly has made a lot of $$$$ from property, but at whose expense?? The bickering @ Breakfast Point over the country club and the marina make me think that this development doesn’t show much foresight, oh well…

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