It is with much anticipation that I introduce our wonderful new writer for the Breakfast Point Lifestyle Blog. Pamela will be delighting us with her posts in the ensuing months, so stay posted!

The title photo is the last one Pamela ever liked of herself, here is a little about Pamela:

“Born and schooled in Coogee, we moved to the north shore.

After Business College, I worked in Rabaul, New Guinea where I met my future husband. He owned a copra plantation on an island hundreds of miles from the nearest neighbour and civilisation.

I did not see another white woman for almost a year, so waiting for the copra boat to deliver books and mail virtually kept me going.  I filled diaries and wrote constantly to friends and family.

We returned to Sydney eventually, had two beautiful sons and many years later, I remarried.

My new husband’s work involved us living in the Blue Mountains. During those years he encouraged me to write.  Short stories, articles, some poetry and the ‘great Aussie novel’.

We had ten wonderful years together.  He died, too suddenly, too young.

Three years ago, I sold my mountain home and moved to Breakfast Point.

Both sons are married.  Their wives are my very dear friends, their children my pride and joy.

Eldest son and family live two suburbs away.  Youngest son and family live two blocks away.

Living here is no longer living alone.  I am surrounded by the warmth of family, of old and new friends.

And here I am writing again!”.



  • Ann H

    Great idea – looking forward to the blogs. If they are as interesting as Pamela has made her intro sound, they will be well worth while

  • Wendy

    Looking forward to your posts!

  • Dianne B

    Gorgeous photo! Looking forward to reading more.

  • Steve

    I’m looking forward to more stories like the ones in your book, Valentine’s Day!

  • Christine

    Whilst visiting friends I read “Lifestyle” and understood why they moved home! Golf days, Little Tarte Cafe and Pamela. I envisage her new lifestyle will provide many stories to equal those from New Guinea and the Mountains.

  • Dorothea

    That’s a very abridged story of I, Pamela’s life! Looking forward to the next instalment!!!!

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