Born in Hungary in 1975, local resident and professional photographer Janette Osvay moved to Australia with her husband some seven years ago.

Janette says that besides being the mother of a six-year-old girl and a four-year-old boy photography became her real passion. In fact photography has been her favourite hobby since she was a little girl herself.

“I’ve been doing photography as a hobby since I was a child but as a profession I have been doing it for 3 or 4 years. I studied photography when I came here to Australia.”

Image by Janette Photography.

Janette says that she particularly loves photographing kids because they are so natural and spontaneous.

“I specialise in photo’s of pregnancy, babies, kids and family portraits. I love it because it’s so nice giving memories to parents. It is so nice to see parents faces when they see the photos of their kids.”

“I really enjoy working with kids. You can capture these really cute and funny moments. I love capturing moments rather than trying to make kids pose,” Janette says.

With Christmas being a time of family celebration and giving, Janette’s latest brochure offers a great rage of fantastic Christmas packages.

Janette says that Christmas is something close to her heart, with many fond memories of childhood Christmas’s as a youngster growing up in small town in Hungary.

“I have beautiful memories of Christmas from my childhood. Christmas was always just magic.”

“We do Christmas a little bit differently. We celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. So baby Jesus and the angels bring the Christmas tree and the presents, that’s what we believe… and Santa helps as well,” she laughs. “My mother used to take us for a walk to let baby Jesus arrive and bring everything, and then my dad use to decorate the tree and put the presents under the tree. When we would get home we would open the presents on Christmas Eve and have a nice dinner, and on Christmas day we would go and visit the larger family.”

Image by Janette Photography.

Janette, her husband and two kids have recently moved to Mortlake and love everything the area has to offer.

“I love it. There are lots of parks and greenery. The riverside is beautiful, the long walkways and bikeways. It’s near the city but it’s not like living in a city because there are lots of parks, playgrounds and the waterside. I think it’s a really good area for families.”

To see more of Janette’s inspiring work, please visit or pick up a brochure at Breakfast Point Realty today.


Image by Janette Photography.

Janette Photography
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Mobile: 0404 333 916
Address: 48 Edwin Street, Mortlake 2137



  • Ieva

    I’ve used Janett’s services few times. She’s got such a beautiful and loving nature. All family feels very relaxed in front of Janett’s lenses. Would definitely recommend her for family portrait!

  • Jessica

    So true. Janette is very down to earth and very giving of her time. Not to mention her terrific photography skills!

  • Csilla

    Janette is a great photographer, took a number of pictures of our family. She took beautiful pregnancy photos of me and my daughters. She is a lovely person, highly recommended.

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