Talking to yourself is acceptable so long as you keep it sotto voce.  It is only unacceptable if you let others hear you.

I tend to talk to myself.

When I first moved to Breakfast Point I said, softly, “Cleaning my apartment will be a breeze.  There’s only me and it will give me something to do”.  Still talking, “I will need to occupy myself and washing floors is pretty occupying.” I answered “Yes, and I will be exercising whilst I wash.”  That raised my eyebrows.

The first days of settling in lengthened into weeks and I observed to myself “That kitchen floor looks pretty darned grubby” and I grudgingly agreed.

After applying mop to bucket to floor, the results were not impressive.  One partially clean floor and two very painful knees.

“Something has to be done.” I told me in a more than audible voice.  “Definitely!” I replied with a shout that startled the birds on the balcony.  That of course, meant getting help.

Using the time honoured method of ‘Word of Mouth’ I was steered to a husband and wife team who have perfected the art of washing floors to maximum cleanliness and minimum time wasting.  Their talent for caring and cleaning my apartment is only surpassed by Cate Blancett’s talent to win awards.  Breathtaking!

“Well”, I point out to me, “If I didn’t have help in my house I couldn’t play bridge, could not go to the three clubs I’ve joined, not meet people for lunch nor take friends to the Country Club, or catch up with the family”.

I had no argument with that.

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