THE Breakfast Point community is lending a helping hand to Mortlake Public School’s transition into a changing learning environment.

The school was given five new laptops to enable interactive white boards to be used in all 14 classrooms, assisting the learning of students from Kindergarten through to Year 6.

“With the fast changing pace of technology it is challenging to keep up in this area, principal Jacqueline Attard said.

“We are pleased to have continued support from the community to help with our technology requirements.”

Students Brooke , Zoe, Jesse, Jessica and Dimitri with the laptops given by the Rose Group. PHIL BLATCH

The laptops were donated by the Rose Group, property developer of Breakfast Point, to help the school, which has doubled in size, cope with the growing number of students.

in an attempt to deal with the growing number of students at the school according to the Rose Group’s Margaret Rose.

“The school has doubled in size in recent years, directly attributed to the growth Breakfast Point has experienced.”

She said technology was now “playing a vital role in education” and equipment such as new laptops were needed to aid in the student’s furthering their education.

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