The development of the Powerhouse building site on the point at Breakfast Point has been approved by Canada Bay Council which has been met with considerable objection from the Breakfast Point community.

Resident Jon Barnard says ‘The residents of Breakfast Point have strongly objected to this development however the Canada Bay Council have pushed this through ignoring the Communities pleas.’

Mr Barnard went on to make the following observations:

1.This Point has great historical significance for NSW and the area as it is the first recorded European contact with the indigenous owners, the Wangal Clan . Captain John Hunter led an exploration of the Parramatta River and on 5 February 1788 while having breakfast he was met by a few of the Wangal Clan at the location now referred to as Breakfast Point. William Bradley, First Lieutenant on board HMS Sirius, recorded the following entry in the log: “We landed to cook breakfast on the opposite shore to them. We made signs to them to come over and waved green boughs. Soon after which 7 of them came over in 2 canoes and landed near our boats. They left their spears in the canoes and came to us. We tied beads etc. about them and left them our fire to dress their muscles which they went about as soon as our boats put off”.

2.The existing building is heritage listed. Council states clearly in its procedures that it is reluctant to consent to the demolition of a heritage item, or a place that contributes to the character or significance of a conservation area. We did not see any reluctance when the developer offered the council some money.

3.This development is invading a very popular foreshore walkway where families watch the New Years Eve fireworks etc from the hill that is to be demolished.

4.Those who have bought into Breakfast Point trusted in the Council and the developer that this area was going to be used for the Community.

5.The developer (Rose), CBUS, Council and the State Government are ignoring the Communities pleas regarding the overdevelopment of Breakfast Point and the permanent problems that are being created eg parking etc.’

Mr Barnard also went on to say ‘If you or me owned this heritage building and historical land do you think the council would allow us to develop one house, let alone 6 houses on it?’

The six grand residences are to be located on the point at Breakfast Point. They will be a mix of three and four bedroom plus study. The homes are two storey waterfront residences, some with city views. Four of the properties will have their own pool.

These properties will be released in June 2014 with a starting price of $5million. Completion is due late 2015. The existing Powerhouse building will be removed in April 2014.


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  • Katherine

    I think the power house building is an eyesore, and most residents I speak to say the same thing. The sooner it goes the better.

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