• Colin Cooksey

    I believe the Marina will significantly affect our lifestyle and incur additional costs to the community.

  • lyn wendtman

    The Marina is an intrusive detrimental concept for this community and its residents. The damage to the Bay, to roads, through noise and disturbance to residents near the proposed marina will be heavy. No other marina is surrounded by private land.

  • Angela Hempstead

    We love our relaxing area.
    Hands off beautiful Kendall Bay!

    What we don’t need is more:
    Noise Pollution
    Visual Pollution
    Air Pollution
    Water Pollution

    We also want safety for our ferries.

  • patrick murray

    residents will pay for the marina using our facilities,our roads and infrastructure. There is inadequate parking so marina users will be taking up the parking that residents have paid for.

    Why does the marina have to pay very small strata fees , about one fifth of what the average building has to pay and the marina will be causing 5 times as much wear and tear and disruption of peolpes lifestyle

  • B. McKenzie

    This survey is a joke, very amateurish and will result in whatever has been decided from the outset. A complete and utter waste of money and resources= and quite insulting to the residents of Breakfast Point. Perhaps you should offer to give a financial scholarship as Bob Rose did at Mortlake Public School in turn for a vote yes for a marina. They rejected this slimy offer and so should we reject this slimy offering.

  • Don McKenzie

    This proposed Marina is unecessary and should be stopped.

  • Rick Riddle

    No way…go away

  • Peter Ryrie

    I trust this unplubicised infromal survey will not be utilised by Rose Corp or the Breakfast Point Community Association for any purpose.

  • Brian Pretorius

    I bought in Breaklfast Point for the lifestyle it offerd both now and in my senior years. A marina and ALL the people, cars, delivery trucks, party boats will destroy this peaceful enviroment.
    This developer is now becoming greedy and has lost all interest in maintaining the ideals they had when they started.

    For every boat moored there could be three to five visiters/Day Trippers decending on the is communtity. That could be an extra 700 people in about 300 motor cars looking for parking and blocking the roads and parking areas within this complex.

  • Ralph Rawlinson

    It is time to take on developers who have no sense of community responsibility!

  • Ralph Rawlinson

    It is time we took on the developer who turns his back on the very community he created and the environs.

  • Ann Goeth

    strongly opposed to the marina, count me in for the no votes

  • Sam Reisenfeld

    This marina, should it go forward, will definitely adversely affect the Breakfast Point lifestyle and experience. There will be major problems in traffic congestion, parking, noise, pollution, and security of the residents. The environmental impact and the potential for catastrophic health problems in the Breakfast Point community which would occur as a direct result of this marina have not been adequately assessed. The concept of the marina was not previously presented to the current residents of Breakfast Point, when they were considering whether or not to buy properties in the community. The introduction of the marina, at this late stage of the Breakfast Point development, is nothing short of a scandalous “bait and switch” marketing tactic and an extremely unethical grab for money by the Rose Property Group Pty Ltd. Should this marina go forward, the residents of Breakfast Point will long remember that this proposal was approved by the NSW Government in power and will vigorously work towards the removal of that Government.

  • Rocco Mazzeo

    I still do not know if it is a Commercial Marina or Private. I was told it was to be a private Marina and that is what I would agree to, Not even partial will be acceptable.

    Has any consideration been given to parking in the area with the proposed additional legs at the D’Albora Marina around the corner that is propsed but travelling under the radar.

  • Alex

    This marina should flat out not allowed on one basis only, and that is the enironmental inpact on the bay / river!

  • Mike Dunne

    Blue Wrens and Finches nesting around that area!

  • Cilla Green

    This survey is informal. The Marina is a key issue in Breakfast Point at present and the survey is impartial. The Breakfast Point Lifestyle blog is a paper for the community of Breakfast Point as we Eat Live & Play in Breakfast Point & as such all opinions & contributions are welcome & are not intended for any other use.

  • Cilla Green

    This survey is impartial. This will have no impact whatsover on the final outcome of the Marina. While those who have chosen to post a comment are clealry impationed for their cause, this has been their choice. Your inference that any financial offers might be forthcoming from this editor are inept. Regardless, as is intented by this blog, all comments and opinions are welcomed from the residents of the Breakast Point community and thank you for yours.

  • Kath

    I would like to express my support for the marina. I too have lived here for several years and think we urgently need a waterfront cafe. Whenever you to go to europe and look at some of the prettiest costal spots like st tropez or monaco its the marina, boats and people that give it its life. Some people seem to think that hundreds of extra cars will be coming here daily, but they are kidding themselves, most boat owners will be existing residents. Unfortunately there seem to be many selfish residents wanting to keep this great part of the world to themselves.

  • Nick

    I couldn’t agree more Kath we do need a waterfront cafe and wouldn’t the current Breakfast Point Sales office be just perfect with its view of the bobbing boats moored there? Additionally the derelict building on the corner near the flagpole on the waterfront is crying out for a cafe or restaurant, but not a kiosk like the one proposed at the marina, but instead a cafe / restaurant where you can enjoy a coffee and cake or a glass of wine and a cheese plate while enjoying the site of rowers and kayakers meandering passed.

    My fear is that a marina would mean that my visitors would never find a place to park. Have you tried parking near the Village Green when there is something on at the bbq’s? Also the waterfront area would no longer be a safe haven for children to ride their bikes. The sight of more than a dozen young canoes with Scouts passing by right where the marina would be was a delight a couple of weekends ago. They aren’t residents but were having a joyous time in the water that would be filled with marina and boats should the development be passed. I am against a marina in any form.

  • Heather Crichton

    Significantly Kendall Bay is one of the last “untouched” bays on Sydney Harbour. This is a priceless resource that must not be carelessly traded. The proposal by Breakfast Point Pty Ltd would see 60% of Kendall Bay largely benefit just 176 boat owners. This could not be a fair outcome for our growing community and a commercial marina development in Kendall Part is out of context with the historical fabric of the River. Kendall Bay must be saved from marina development and most importantly it must be remediated now.

  • Nik

    Firstly how people can attack the integrity of an open forum is beyond me.
    Secondly if it was good enough for the First Fleeters to moore their boats here, its good enough for me. All for it, as some residents want facilities to birth their boats. Others want tennis courts, others parks, it is a community we live in, and we all must give and take.

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