DON McKENZIE found time to chat with me this week. He is punctual, relaxed and full

of vigour for the job he was elected to do at the last AGM.

His background is that of Industrial Engineer with firms like Massey Ferguson and Repco.

He was a consultant for Ernst & Young, gained a degree in Psychology, moved to New York and later returned to Australia to join Gadens law firm.

During the eight years he and his wife have lived in Breakfast Point Don has run his own consulting business, given his time to various committees and since November 2014, is the Chair of the CA Executive.

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I questioned his vision of the undertaking  in say, twelve months.  He said “I like to think maybe three or four years ahead.  It’s a business and a very big business.  We need to think well ahead.”

He continued, “The community must heal first.  Heal from the early problems that confronted us.  We will have progress if we have cohesion and clear projects are clarified and shared.”

Don is energised by the sub committees that have been formed.  “They are critical to our future success. As each project reaches sunset status new ones are commenced.”

The Secretary of the Executive is Paul Driver.  He has a Transport and Logistics background which makes his appointment to the Assets & Safety subcommittee an obvious plus.  The committee is responsible for maintenance and improvements of all our assets and ensures they comply with the OHS Legislations.

Paul is only semi retired and therefore extremely busy.  “Too busy” Don laughs.

Laurie Ihnativ a geo technical engineer in soil sampling is an ideal choice for a sub committee  that also determines the position of environmental monitoring controls.

Sue Campbell- Lloyd is the gardening project leader who deals directly with our landscaping company.

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Tony Parsons, the champion of Traffic Management, advises the first stage of Council marked traffic bays has been reached.

Don also stressed the importance of stakeholders in Breakfast Point. He explained to me the Police, the Council, Skyline Landscape Services, Telstra and many more come under this umbrella.  They require careful management and frequent consultation.

The parking plan and contract are now with the Council for review.  Don noted “Both the Mayor and the General Manager of Canada Bay Council have been helpful and supportive of our plans and future projects”.

Overwhelmingly, Don McKenzie’s enthusiasm is infectious.

I went away with a sense of appreciation that our residential care is in very good hands.


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