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Hot off the press from the Chairman of the Executive Committee is news of our Country Club. “This week an architect will be appointed and work will commence with the Canada Bay Council to obtain a building DA.  This will involve providing detailed drawings working within the concept design approved by the community.  We will engage consultants for engineering and soil testing. Once the DA is approved we go to tender for a builder, who,

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The President of the school’s P & C Association, Elaine Huber, is very keen to talk about their forthcoming fair.  And well she might!  What an exciting event it will be. Breakfast Point Realty is delighted to donate a state of the art SMART television to the junior school and an announcement will be made at the Fair. This television, with Wi Fi capabilities, will assist children in classes K – 2 to better understand

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For one of the busiest people I know, Laila is an open and relaxed person to interview. Laila Chatila our Breakfast Point & Cabarita Pharmacist   Admittedly it took several weeks to pin her down to a date, but she was worth waiting for. Her parents came from Lebanon when Laila was a year old.  She has five sisters and one brother, all of whom have professions in similar medical fields.  Laila speaks lovingly of

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DON McKENZIE found time to chat with me this week. He is punctual, relaxed and full of vigour for the job he was elected to do at the last AGM. His background is that of Industrial Engineer with firms like Massey Ferguson and Repco. He was a consultant for Ernst & Young, gained a degree in Psychology, moved to New York and later returned to Australia to join Gadens law firm. During the eight years

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With Australia Day 2015 only a matter of days away, I was reminded of the excitement within Breakfast Point when one of our residents was a recipient of the award last year. Sue Campbell-Lloyd has resided amongst us for six and a half years now.  I had met her on several occasions, but yesterday I had an opportunity to sit and have a most rewarding chat about her award and life, generally, in Breakfast Point.

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The historic brick Gatehouse that once guarded the entrance to the Mortlake Gas Company is the premises of the B.P. Men’s Shed. In 2013, with financial assistance and clever planning, a group of Breakfast Point residents turned the space within the gatehouse into an incredible workshop. I was pleased to be invited to visit the shed by Stewart McAlister, a founding member of the Men’s Shed.  Stewart and his thirty  fellow members have adapted the

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Only a few blogs ago I observed daylight saving as finished. I can now pronounce, with great enthusiasm…..Daylight saving is back! Whoopee! Well, that’s how I feel about it. I don’t give a hoot if it fades the curtains, makes the cows moo more and the children wake early! The days are longer and the colours of spring envelope us. The air is fresh to breathe and the scent of green grass, trees and the

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A little history and a questionnaire for you today. Historically, Clubs occurred in all ancient states of which we have knowledge. Once people started living together in groups, there was a need for people to associate.  Organisations have existed for centuries, as evidenced by Ancient Greek clubs and associations in Ancient Rome. The oldest clubs were merely informal periodic gatherings of like people for the purpose of dining or drinking with one another. They were

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This long Indian summer has extended our walks around Breakfast Point.  Late afternoons on our balconies are still enjoyable.  Silkstone Park and the oval draw people and children even though daylight saving is over.  I am always drawn to my balcony when I hear the tinkling laughter of children playing, regardless of the weather. Children and babies are a constant source of enjoyment to me.  I am delighted to encounter them in the lift, the

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Talking to yourself is acceptable so long as you keep it sotto voce.  It is only unacceptable if you let others hear you. I tend to talk to myself. When I first moved to Breakfast Point I said, softly, “Cleaning my apartment will be a breeze.  There’s only me and it will give me something to do”.  Still talking, “I will need to occupy myself and washing floors is pretty occupying.” I answered “Yes, and

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