With Australia Day 2015 only a matter of days away, I was reminded of the excitement within Breakfast Point when one of our residents was a recipient of the award last year.

Sue Campbell-Lloyd has resided amongst us for six and a half years now.  I had met her on several occasions, but yesterday I had an opportunity to sit and have a most rewarding chat about her award and life, generally, in Breakfast Point.

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Her surprise at the unexpected letter in September 2013 was such that she put it aside thinking it was a letter from the taxation office.  When she returned to it, Sue said “I was so astonished I gasped for joy and reached for the phone to pass on the wonderful news.  Fortunately I reread the words ‘you are being considered’ and realised it would be many months before I would know for sure”.

Sue was sworn to secrecy until Australia Day 2014.  Not an easy task!

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Her beautiful medal and accompanying smaller ones were awarded for her significant service to Public Health particularly in the field of immunization.  Sue is most proud of the very successful national measles program she conducted in 1998 which resulted in 96% of primary school children throughout Australia being immunized and prevented an expected epidemic.  This program contributed to the WHO (World Health Organization) announcement in 2014 that measles had been eliminated in Australia.

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Sue continues to work with the NSW Health Department which she describes as ‘energizing’.

Her apartment is charming and her praise of life in Breakfast Point confirms to me the special way people adapt from larger homes and gardens to the appeal of community life.

We are fortunate to have this vibrant successful lady living among us.

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