When I first moved to Breakfast Point, my friend who is very intelligent, but geographically vague, asked “Where is that exactly?”

“Near the city, on the river, in the heart of very exciting suburbs” I replied.  “It’s surrounded by parks, trees and fabulous restaurants of all nationalities.”

“Sounds like London, or Paris” she offered.

Then I told her how much better it was than anywhere else I have ever lived.  The obvious benefits are the apartments and townhouses themselves; all so delicately pastel and cleverly designed.

“Once you enter Breakfast Point” I said, “all roads lead to the river.  What better way to travel to the city than by river cat?  Otherwise, there are buses, trains, cars.  Take your choice.”

“One of my favourite, newly discovered joys is counting aeroplanes from my bed.  They glide silently past my bedroom window and it sure beats counting sheep”.

“If I moved to Breakfast Point” my much travelled friend asked, “Would I find it crammed and noisy like Hong Kong?”

“That”, I said, “Is the amazing and wonderful thing about Breakfast Point, it is so quiet!  I mean there are lots of people around, and in my apartment they are next door, above and underneath me, but I never hear them.  Not a sound.”

“Maybe they are all at work” pointed out my practical friend.

“I am talking about nights and weekends too.  It’s always so calm and quiet.  Frankly, after a day shopping or playing bridge, or whatever, coming back to Breakfast Point is truly coming home.”

I added “There’s this subtle welcome mat that spreads around you when you move to Breakfast Point.  Strangers smile and say hello as they pass.  It’s amazing”.

That did it.  My friend is hooked.  She’s apartments viewing tomorrow.

I will give her a direction finder as a welcome to Breakfast Point.  She is notorious for getting lost, and then found, and by the most interesting people.



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  • Wendy

    I feel the same way about Breakfast. A warm and friendly place to live.

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